Pre-Order FAQ

What is a pre-order?

Sometimes, we come across a scent so wonderful, we want to share! A pre-order is a purchase for an exclusive item that is not yet in our collections.

The "order now" link is sending me to the FAQ, What's going on!?

If you are being lead to this page, that means we do not have a pre-order promotion going on. Be sure to check back frequently to keep up with the latest!

Why should I pre-order?

Purchasing a pre-order item is a great way to try new scents! Plus, we give exclusive discounts out for all pre-orders!

How does a pre-order work?

To secure your item, full payment is due at checkout.  Please reference back to the item for that particular item. 

How do I know if an item is a pre-order?

All pre-order items will be marked "pre-order" in the name and will have an estimated shipping date in the description. 

Pre-order disclaimer

If for any reason we are not able to fulfill your pre-order, we will refund you for the full amount immediately!